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Beach Sunset

2011 has been a year of learning and growth.  It was somewhat of a catalytic year, a precursor to what I intend to accomplish in 2012, and this is what I’ve learned: 1.  Getting rid of clutter gives you clarity.  This has been a big clean-up year for me -physically, mentally, emotionally. Toxicity is a […]

Little Magical Things…

Friday, December 23, 2011
Little Magical Things

The holiday season usually hits like a hurricane, and it has been a particularly busy time for the Millers, a flurry of activities and work schedules colliding into a perfect storm.  Some days I need to remind myself to just breathe, and then I move on and try to complete the various “to dos” that […]

Fresh Fabulous Figs

Thursday, December 8, 2011
Fresh Brown Turkey Figs

I am not a food blogger per se.  But I love food.  I love working with it, photographing it, eating it.  And, I love to cook (when I have time).  Sometimes I’ll do a post about food just because I’m taking a photo of it and I’ll find a cool recipe to try. The shape, […]